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Bedrijfsnaam: Apeiron-Team
btw: BE 0819.566.460
Adres: Berten Pilstraat 4
B-2640 Mortsel
Tel.: +32 3 808 20 67

Contactpersonen + functie:
Hiram Moerman – Managing Director (Founder)
Elke Van Asbroeck – Managing Director (Founder)
Tine Vandenbrouck – Director
E-mail: info@apeiron-team.eu
Website: www.apeiron-team.eu
Oprichting: 2009
Aantal medewerkers: 15-20



Starting from safe use of chemicals, Apeiron guides its clients to sustainable, future proof business operations. Regulatory compliance is their point of departure. From there they go the extra mile to drive long-term improvement for human health and environment, with added value for society. They do this by means of incremental improvements or, even better, by a step-change. A better world for future generations drives them.

This is reflected in:

• Their business: the services they provide
• Their governance: how they interact with each other
• Their corporate responsibility: how they support society

The Sustainable Development Goals are their mirror to reflect upon their actions.
Apeiron is a highly motivated, multidisciplinary group of experts: (eco)toxicologists, chemists and engineers with industrial experience. As a team, together with a limited number of sub-contractors with niche knowledge, they turn your project into a success. Apeiron provides specific expertise, while being able to act flexibly and maintain their client focus.



  • Advies-, ingenieurs- en researchbureau
  • Analyse van gezondheidsrisico’s
  • Analyse van milieurisico’s
  • Milieuadvisering
  • Milieubeleid, advies
  • Milieuresearch
  • Ecotoxicologie, advies


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