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Bedrijfsnaam: HARSONIC  BIOFILM REMOVAL (Harteel bvba)
btw: BE0 428.948.648
Adres: Beeldstraat 79 . B-9100 Sint-Niklaas
Tel.: +32 3 766 30 05
Fax (think green): Harsonic is thinking green!

Contactpersonen + functie: Mieke Van Genabet-Harteel – CEO
E-mail: info@harsonic.com
Website: www.harsonic.com
Oprichting: 2008
Aantal medewerkers: ca. 50
Omzet: 800.000 euro



Harsonic is the manufacturer of electronic devices based on soft cavitation to remove and avoid biofilm.  This means Harsonic is a sustainable alternative for toxic chemical products.  

Harsonic can avoid clogging & scaling of  pipelines, filters, heat-exchangers , storage tanks, cooling-towers, etc.

In boreholes/wells, we avoid the attachment of Iron and Manganese.

Harsonic can also remove the bacterial contamination in drinking lines where chemicals have no impact!  Anaerobic bacteria inside biofilm are often resistant to chemical cleaning.  Harsonic removes this resistant biofilm.

In the agrictulture several chicken breeders can breed at the moment antibiotics free, thanks to Harsonic.

Harsonic can avoid biofouling in seawater such as on shiphulls and boxcoolers to reduce maintenance and toxic anti-fouling.

This way our customers can contribute to a sustainable policy, save money and save the planet at the same time.



  • biologische afvalwaterbehandeling
  • zuivering van industrieel afvalwater
  • grondwaterzuivering
  • waterbehandeling
  • apparatuur en materiaal voor waterbehandeling
  • industriële reiniging
  • energiebesparing
  • desinfectie middelen



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