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Bedrijfsnaam: Recyprocity – The Durability Group bv
btw: BE0772.396.350
Bastion Tower
Marsveldplein 5 – bus 5
B-1050 Brussel
Tel.: +33 634 14 18 13

Contactpersonen + functie: Daniel Moineuse – Partner
E-mail: info@recyprocity.eu
Website: www.recyprocity.eu
Oprichting: 2020
Aantal medewerkers: 4



Recyprocity combines expertise from three main fields, law, finance and construction, to cover all sustainability issues. The Recyprocity team is willing to secure your business as well as your reputation.

  1. Sustainability means Mandatory
    Don’t wait the regulation and law coming to you, anticipate the move and make Sustainability a Strategy.
  2. Sustainability means Efficiency
    The most sustainable companies are also the most profitable companies; Make sustainability a good investment.
  3. Sustainability means Recyprocity
    Use our knowledge and expertise to induct sustainability in your company; Make sustainability an asset.


  • expert-backed consulting towards green economy and regulation
  • assistance in upcoming climate, social and environmental regulation changes
  • ESG-compliance
  • Green finances and loans
  • Stakeholders
  • EU Green Deal
  • United Nations SDGs
  • Stranded Assets
  • CSR reports
  • Greenwashing
  • Sustainable KPI’s



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