Squeez-R G02 unit in 40 ft container available on rental market

door | mei 8, 2018

Novotec released a brand new mobile, containerised sludge dewatering unit based on our innovative Squeez-R technology. The unit is able to treat up to 884 kg DS/h at 3% dry solids content of the incoming sludge. The plug and play system allows the client to set up the machine in no time. Simply connect the mobile sludge pump, outlet and power source and you are ready to go.

Inline monitoring of the flow and dry solids content of the incomming sludge allows for automatic functioning. Completely equiped with polymer unit, inline mixer, coagulant pump, stirring flocculator, Squeez-R unit and sludge cake extraction screw, no additional parts are needed.

For more info click here or watch movie underneath.

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