WEBINAR | AVECOM | NOVEMBER 24TH AT 10 A.M. – Water treatment and water reuse

written by Avecom
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The full water cycle deal

At Avecom, they provide you with assistance on the full water cycle. From the examination to independent consultancy and process evaluation. In addition, Avecom supports and further optimizes full-scale installations by means of microscopic sludge characterization. 

Furthermore, they have developed several specialized nutrient supplements to improve aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment and support activated sludge performance. Avecom also offers the option of making tailor-made variations in cooperation with the customer to meet their needs.

Whether you’re an agricultural business or an industrial one, every company uses water. Sustainable practices in your water (re)usage are crucial, especially wherein water is reclaimed after processing and treatment. Wastewater treatment ensures that water can be reused in processing or can be discharged into an aquatic environment. Investing in such could be a deciding factor in ensuring your company’s success. How does it work? Register for the Avecom webinar and discover this for yourself.

For more info on Avecom, visit their website www.avecom.be 



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