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Brexit: Implications for biocides

written by Arche Consulting
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Brexit: Implications for biocides

door | mrt 24, 2021

Great Britain is no longer part of the EU scheme for regulating biocides. HSE has published a series of fact sheets for companies that want to have access to the market after 31 December 2020. As the existing EU BPR has been copied into the GB law in an amended way the most aspects of EU BPR will continue in the new GB BPR that came into force on 31 December 2020. The updated Brexit guidance highlights the main differences between both legislations.

As for Northern Ireland, the EU BPR is still applicable. This means that authorizations previously granted for the United Kingdom are still valid in Northern Ireland as are new and pending union authorisations granted under EU BPR.

Would you like to get help in finding out what your possibilities are or help with the change request for your authorization/notification in Great Britain? Contact Katinka Renoult for further information and assistance. We can offer you this service for national transitional authorizations in all EU countries or for biocidal products that are already authorized under the BPR.



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